Unboxing Weird Oldest Phones in 2021 !

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    Purani Masti ka time aa gaya hai doston !

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      Woh pen ke SATH Wala phone


      Bhai mere Nani keh pass bhi hai woh slide Wala phone

    3. Rajat Yadav


    4. GND RûSHêR

      You may have forgotten the Nokia's antina wala phone

    5. Abishëk Chëttri

      What's wrong with this iqoo phone damn it's add

    6. Lucky Rajput

      bhai inme se ek mujhe chahiye please I will pay brother I am your bigfan

    7. m4a1 lost gaming


    8. m4a1 lost gaming

      IPhone 1and me have same birth year

    9. super king

      Moj kar Di 😂

    10. Prasoon Kumar

      Nokia is legend, And legends never die...

    11. Siddharth Chaudhary

      Us card ko MMC card bolte the jo baad mein chota hoke RS MMC ho gaya

    12. Ranjit Virdi

      Oye! Nokia Ngage mere paas tha aur usme Tomb raider, Rayman, Starship jaisi games bhi thi

    13. Subham Xalxo

      Bro Mjh Ea sab phn cahihe Kaha se magawo

    14. formula 1 gamer

      Sir I want to buy iPhone 1

    15. Dheeraj Ahir

      Tech burner is looks like Garry Sandhu😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣

    16. Topu Biswas

      Mere pass Nokia ka ek phone hai usme touch aur keyboard dono hai par kharab hai

    17. Aarsh Shah

      Which is the first smartphone?

    18. Kanta Garg

      Bhai vo 1st ipl release phone hai mere pass aaj bhi ( working condition mai Nahi hai)

    19. Rajwant Kaur

      Amul company Ka mobile phone dekhao Jo scientists Ka lies hai


      Vo engage phone mere papa ke pass tha

    21. Hell c4T

      😂😂 yes people in 3001 will feel nostalgic with the most intelligent technology of this time.

    22. Frank Ostric

      I want to buy ngage...r uhh selling it

    23. Frank Ostric

      Bro plzz dnt call them Wierd ...nokia rocks....those phones was amazing trust me

    24. SR Vlogs

      Ys that nokia comes with hand and u can insert ur name

    25. Asif Shaikh

      World's best unboxer

    26. Stallion Sandal

      Nokia Like - The "Legends" Never Die. 9:50 One Button Was Missing 😬

    27. SR Vlogs

      Joke and bhai aapke aawaj bohot mast and videos is also 👏👏good

    28. Ashutosh Dubey

      Trying this phones for 24 hours

    29. up 86 nidht riders

      Bhai i phone 1 mujhe dedo 5000 ru me

    30. Mayank Maximum

      Gorilla glass was made for iPhone only

    31. Masroor Khan

      Bhai agar iPhone bech rha ho Bhai plz mana mat kar na

    32. All Star Gaming

      Nokia 6 ki unboxing kardo

    33. Udipta Borah

      The bounce game was my favourite💝💖😀

    34. vikas reddy

      too funny

    35. Ajay Sharma0786

      ❤️bro👉🏻 Flipkart pe ( realmeX50pro ) 8/128 sirf 24,999 ka mil rha hai 17,000 off chl rha hai and ( Motorola razr ) 6/128 sirf 54,000 ka mil rha hai 95,000 off chl rha hai bhai jrur se checkout kro and video bnado bhai shayad kisi ki help hojay😊

    36. Simhadri Shrika

      I miss ‘NOKIA’ who r here also miss nokia mobiles😭😭😭👇👇👇👇

    37. Sudhakar Saripalli


    38. Nitish Mogha

      Purana fhon hme bhej do ser

    39. assassin's gaming

      Kafi taggra

    40. Mohammad Aadil

      Bhi buy link kaha se liy de do

    41. Nepali Lyrics

      Janu ko massage taype ho raha tha 😛

    42. rudra

      Plzz second last phone ka naam bata do

    43. The Noob Gamer

      3310 kahan hai. 😂🔥❤️(Baap)

    44. pratap pachar

      You are very handsome

    45. venialthenobody

      Love your content

      1. venialthenobody


    46. Shride Gaming

      😂😂😂🤩🤩old is gold

    47. All rounder's backchodi

      Bhai engage sale krdo muje lena hai

    48. Ashish TiwariAT

      Hacker or What?

    49. Ab Top games

      Bhut achi video lgi sir Id a_b_h_i_j_a_a_t

    50. santosh mane

      The best part of this video is 10:05


      Bhai aapne kaha say liye ye nokia phones

    52. Jay W

      is ghas ko dekhke vegeterian log chicken khane lag jaenge lol

    53. ZAF Films

      I remember playing snake game for the first time in nokia phone, when I was a kid, it was my dad's phone🙂

    54. SuRaJ Rj

      Old is gold 💟🙂

    55. The Shiva Show

      yaar bachpan yaad dila diya


      Thanks for 101 subscribers go 1M🤣 Love you guys ❤️


      Thanks for 101 subscribers go 1M🤣 Love you guys ❤️

    58. MS Television Network

      are you gay


      If you want to laugh you search video on youtube dj jangiya by sony boy

    60. NATURE

      Shlok Bhai Q/A kab aaraha hai!!

    61. Ayush Rawat

      thank you helpers

    62. arya patel

      Pubg test karo us gaming smart phone main

    63. Abdullah Khan

      Ye sala to pora pagal haai is ko kis ne youtube ka chanel bana k dya haai

    64. 7 Dreams

      Bhai tu kitna pressure lagage k bolta h🤣🤣🤣🤣

    65. ks charan technology

      मुझे आईफोन 1 मंगवाना है कैसे मंगवाऊ

    66. X OPTY

      The game Nokia name is n gage

    67. Sanjay Malviya

      Sabse best wired earphone or best wireless earphone or best tws kon kon se he best ke sath sath value for money

    68. Atul Tyagi

      My first ever phone N_gage QD

    69. Soumyajit Saha class IX B roll no. 31

      Awesome video

    70. Social In Techz

      I need Nokia mobile

    71. Rubaiya Ferdousi

      Rip head phone users

    72. Swapnil patil

      3:53 ooooooooo bhaaaaiiiiiiii😭😭😭

    73. Suyash Srivastava

      DJ Rajesh copied the real one is Rajesh Bera now if any other youtuber copies Wants to add DJ segment in his or her PAmost video then there will be comment that copied by Tech Burner so I want to tell that we learn from observations and experiences. Just enjoy the video uploaded as there is very much hardwork and time devoted to make a channel and video

    74. Anivesh Tyagi

      Nokia 6800 Mera primary phone

    75. Anivesh Tyagi

      Bhai yaden taaja kar diya aapane sare phone chalayen h

    76. Sameer Sameer

      You are lodu

    77. Maithreyee D N

      Papa:Yeh kya kya ajeeb cheese laya hai😂😂

    78. prapti das

      Uss time phone hi hona badi baat thi 😂

    79. R D V Pali

      Motorhome f3 chahiye mujhe koi jugad lagao please

    80. Envicto

      Sara video advertise se bhara hai bhai itna paiso ka kya karega?

    81. Bharti yadav

      To good 😁 bro

    82. Ricky CHOHAN

      Bhai thoda camera focus pr bhi dhyaan dia kro

    83. S.S.Shirole

      Alternate title : " some game changing smartphones which created history "


      Nokia engaged my dream phone tha tab ❤️

    85. 😚Sneha Khan😗

      Nobody Tech Burner on thumbnail :- 🙋🙆🙅🤷🤦😂

    86. Krish Kumar sahani


    87. shivasheesh srivastava

      Bhai mere pass fully functional Nokia phones ka collection hai and infact I use them. It's not the features but the nostalgia that drives me to use these phones.❤️

    88. ADDICTIVE...

      8:31 , try genshin impact on this nokia gaming phone.😂😂😂

    89. Kasim Ali

      Tu bat kam bakchodi ziyada karta hai by.. 😂💩

    90. Gabriel Rozario

      Arre bhai, saare smart phones thoda hi hain.... basic phones bhi hain tumhare collection mein.

    91. K.S Vlog

      Smartphone ke naam to bata diya

    92. Deepak Kumar Sahoo

      Give me nokia phone

    93. Sunim Shrestha

      I also have that phone but it dose not work 😕

    94. Mr. ARIF

      I have that type of MMC if need contact me

    95. Manjunath Subbaiah

      Hey back then when iPhone 1 was launched there was legend mobile MOTO ROCKR google you'll find it... it was running on linux OS which supported 3rd party APPS to and it was much cooler looking mobile and it was made in metal too...

    96. Sumit David

      I want to have Nokia E90? I have been used N-Gaje.

    97. Vinayak Kumbar


    98. vineet kumar nayak

      Bhai, Aap koun se University me study kare ho?????

    99. Nandlal Gupta

      Remove the word weird

    100. Benjamin Raj

      Bro soory to say this but mujhe lag raha ki aap mrwhosetheboss ko copy kar rahe ho Sad to see this 🙁😟