What is CRED ? Get Free Rewards for Paying Bills ?

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    Cred ka Review kar dia jae doston ! #CREDappreview​ #rewards​ #cashbacks​
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    1. Ashish TiwariAT

      I don't have Credit card

    2. Narendra Singh

      I using this frm almost 2 years

    3. Ab Top games

      Bhut achi video lgi sir Ig a_b_h_i_j_a_a_t

    4. Sachin Pachnekar

      So cred sponsored you..

    5. TUSHAR mahndiratta

      Bhai cred me jake pay kis ko Kerna hota hai please guide me but confused


      instagram ID @milan_ahir227

    7. Lakshy Bhardwaj

      Should I. Give acces to Gmail .

    8. NOOBLE

      at least be sensible enough to check the this contains an ad box while uploading.

    9. Vibhuti Vaibhav

      Nahi bhai ek dum chote sehar mae bhi 0 % finance emi karake phone de dete hai!!😂😂

    10. anrajwill

      Sir table thoka karo,,, josh aa jata hai...😀😀😀😂😂😂

    11. The Quality

      यदि आप CRED ऐप रखने वाले हो, लेकिन अभी तक 500 का कैशबैक प्राप्त नहीं हुआ है, तो नीचे रिप्लाई करें।

    12. El Magnifico

      Tu Jhat burner hai

    13. vaibhav Harsule

      Shukhi papdi wtf 😂😂😂😂

    14. Aashish Dixit

      Abe pan card fir kyon mangta hy

    15. Lake Tech

      Thanks you 1k target 344 karvado thanks PAmost all family love you

    16. Manasvi Sareen

      Still don't tell how it make money. Why your own bank does not give you same benefits?

    17. K Nagori

      Ipl comes Cred be like :- paisa hi paisa hoga

    18. Bidhan pal

      Vai ek ph gift kar do na plz

    19. Tycoon Ruler

      Cred simply sells your credit history to third party so that they can in future sell you any credit based products. It is a way to differentiate between a low credit and a high credit rating customer. However the way cred is burning up its cash reserves in ad campaign it will fail in future. Avoid such apps wherein the data is sold or gathered to identify you spending habits, when something lucrative is offered for very simple things, you’re the end product they’re selling and not the actual product they have marketed.

    20. PAWAN gupta

      Very nice very tasty

    21. Mithlesh Kumar

      Skipped 30 second video ad to watch a 4 minute ad

    22. Shashwata Roy

      That comparison of CRED with Sukhi Papdi we get after Gol Gappa was hilarious XD XD XD

    23. Sharan Shetty

      PhonePe aur Paytm bhi similar hain I guess.....🤔🤔

    24. SAMAD YT

      Make a video on (corvus OS) @TECHBURNER

    25. SAMAD YT

      Make a video on (CORVUS OS) @tech burner

    26. Shariq Tutorial

      Thanks for 81 Now please🙏 do 1k Love you all❤

    27. Shariq Tutorial

      Thanks for 81 Now please🙏 do 1k Love you all❤

    28. Som Rawat

      Gpay bhi to same ha

    29. Rohan Mishra

      Kon kon pani puri ke sukhi papdi me firse paani milakr kha lete hai😂😂😂

    30. keshav goel

      Sponsored by cred

    31. Techno Nikhil

      Rs10 ka kardo recharge ❤️❤️

    32. Monit Shah

      Most of the products are cheaper outside

    33. Tirth Bhatt

      Credit card recharge etc are vague Best example are those of Golgappe 😂

    34. anidubme Studios

      Bhai Rahul Dravid Ko toh feature karta🤣🤣


      Waste app h ye..... credit card rakh k dekho ek baar...usi ka hi bill tumhara jina haram kar dega...bc mere credit card ka bill 9000 aaya ek mahine ka bina kuch use kiye


      Is app ko dubana hai bc🔥

    37. TechnO GameR

      Bro power bank app pe review bnao

    38. Koustubh Chouksey_5146

      best part is sukhi papdi

    39. akbar chaki

      Kya Ye safe hai sir

    40. Ravinder Kumar

      Cred sponsored almost all tech channels but not tech burner : SED life😓😭

    41. TurboGenix

      I cam Here From 😂 Indian backpacker's Playlist He Didn't Privated It His Kashmir Playlist 😂🤣

    42. Soc Mehmn

      Worst app

    43. Soc Mehmn

      Bhai cred me rupye fsgye h n upr se helpline no. B nhi h Meto fs gya bhai ye app se Bahot ghtiya app h N by chat n email me bat krskte usme b solution nhi dete h sahi se n call to krtej nhi h Ye app use hij na krni chahye thi

    44. Phurba Lama

      Bro plz help

    45. Kumar Sarvesh

      Bhiya aap lenovo e14 ka review kr sakte hy ky ???

    46. Chetan Sorte

      Tum bhi agaye jhase me, cred ke saare deals aise bhi available hai without using it.

    47. Manish Maurya

      Bhai me last 5 month se use kar raha hu aaj tak 2lac ke upr pay kar chuka but aaj tak 47 one time cashback nahi milla 😀😀

    48. Lakhan Kureel

      pahle 4-5 payment par deta he 5rs to 10rs uske bad kuch nahi detaa hai bus bhar bhar ke notifications deta rehta hai......


      Kitna mila bhai 😂

    50. Ishan Khare

      What is your favourite company of smartphone

    51. Prathamesh Birajdar

      Kya re tatte..kunal shah se kitna paisa liaye faltoo chori karne wale app ka?

    52. Abhisek Ranjan

      Sabse bara scam cred coin h, Don’t use cred. No any benefits using this app. 😑

    53. Yash Vashistha

      BC cred cred cred. Bus yahi baki reh gaya tha


      sukhi papdi 🤣😂

    55. Soumik Sheth

      Debit card 💳 won't work??

    56. Narayan prasad

      Mail access Chahiye bhai

      1. Narayan prasad

        Security issue

    57. Raahull SngH

      Hm to debit card wale h

    58. OkaY really

      Itna late se cred pata chala 😂😂. Looks like you're brain stopped updating current technology. Sad. Or please chutiyoo ki tarah baat karna band karo, kyu tum puri tarah chutiyaa sound karte ho.

    59. Yogesh Nautiyal

      Sawal ye hai ki ye ye sab suvidha kuch time tak ki hai fir payment baki app ki tarah no cashback or Service me badlao

    60. BoRoT_G

    61. swaaaa11

      New Scam😀😂

    62. Shubham Rathore

      I’m using this app from more than 18 months .. I pay credit card bill thrice a month for my 3 cards .. Highest cashback I received is 15 yet which happened only once yet.. Watching this vdo makes me suspicious abt this channel .. does he say sponsored !! Dislike a vdo for the first time on this channel ..

    63. Debarshee Bhattacharjee

      Avi tak apne jitne bhi mobile use kiye hein usme se sabche achcha konsa tha Agar paisa ka bat na aye to konsa recommend koroge plz reply 👍

    64. Dhanjay Kumar

      Sab to samagh me as gya lekin Rs2000 kaha pay Kiya nahi samajh aaya 😁😁😂😂

    65. Bhushan

      Useless app. No benefits

    66. Kamlesh Srivastava

      Bro yar 20 ka kaha pe 5 golgappa milta hai

    67. The Dip's Beats

      Disclaimer: Sponsored Sponsored Sponsored Sponsored Sponsored

    68. TechAura

      I m using cred from around year nvr got more than 11rupees cashback. Average is 1 or 2 rupees

    69. Fagu Subba

      Your voice different broo

    70. MNL Nobi Squad gaming

      Hello sair Mujhe iphone 8 plus cahiye under 15k Mujhe bus ek iphone cahiye Mera madat kardo sair Me apka har video dekta huu❤️

    71. ATUL KUMAR

      most viewers don't have working credit card🤣😂🤣😂❤️🔥

    72. THE MAKKHi

      Gali Gali Mein Shor hai... Hamare Birju Bhiya Chor hai 😑😑

    73. AXENDER 0p

      Paid promotion op in the chat..

    74. KARTIKEY


    75. sushil kumawat

      Farzi app hai......

    76. DIY Squad


    77. Raviraj Pandya

      1:27 mobile suddenly changed

    78. Harshit Kumar

      I have algorithm in my youtube to skip sponsorship on its own ......the video was 1 sec long for me🥴 kuch to daldeta bey video mein 🤣😂 haddddd hai shlok bhai aapki bhi

    79. Mad icon

      Please unbox mi 11 ultra

    80. M O S T

      The UI/UX design is very nice

    81. Devansh Kumar

      Bhai 9r ki unboxing video nhi dal rhe ho mi hr din check krta hu, din m do bar, "OnePlus 9r unboxing tech burner".. why brother, PLzzzz upload video 🥺🥺🥺

    82. FF KING yt

      Please kauch bolo bhai

    83. FF KING yt


    84. FF KING yt


    85. FF KING yt

      Hello bhai

    86. Yash Palhare

      Sponsored hai abhi 2 3 din pahile trakin tech walo ne kiya vedeo 👎😡

    87. Amritpal Singh

      I have been using cred for 3 years.

    88. Shamsul Hoda

      Bhai lenovo legion duel 2 bhi unbox karo

    89. Mohor Mitra

      Mereko recharge kar do bhaiya

    90. Processor Gaming

      Remember my name

    91. Laxmi N S

      Nice bhai

    92. Adi MEMES

      Khaaa se khaaaa seeeew late hooo eaaa voice OPEST VOICE IN THE WORLD

    93. Gopalkrishna Hegde

      Ads pe bhi ads chalaya hai double paisa

    94. Technomeds

      Tum bhi bik gaye ho 😕

    95. Dhanraj Kharad

      Chutiya mt banavo

    96. Nishit Mina

      Cred walo ka ab tak ka sabse bada advertisement 😂😂

    97. OP accrolo

      mere 1k subs karwado🙏🙏

      1. Techify Tech

        Support me also

    98. Sagar Dalvi

      Zar 1 rupay ch kela tr kiti cashback milel

    99. Unmuted By Nature

      No one : Literally no one : Commentors here laughing all the time

    100. Hans Jain